Street Fighter V will launch with four original characters brand new to the series, and Capcom has just announced a new one. Rashid will be the first character in the series to hail from the Middle East, and he controls the power of the wind. Plus, he owns a Saiyan scouter. How cool is that?

No information was given as to which Middle East country he is from, but the character was announced in Dubai, so possibly the United Arab Emirates? He joins Necalli, the only other of the four new characters who have been announced to date, and his announcement bring the total number of characters to eleven.

In an interesting parallel, let’s not forget that Bandai Namco also recently created a Middle Eastern character in the Tekken series for the first time when Shaheen was added to the roster of Tekken 7. Bandai Namco was pretty blunt about stating his appearance was there to appeal to the Middle Eastern fanbase, which is quite large. If Street Fighter is trying to appeal to the same crowd, then it indeed seems that fighting games are more popular than I realized in that part of the world. Very interesting.

No trailers or screenshots of Rashid have been released yet, just some off camera footage. Expect it in the next day or so. Street Fighter V will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC in March 2016.